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From the oasis itself


Our facilities near the production area Jerid with more than 1.5 million date palms allows us to guarantee a product according to our high quality standards.

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Rigorous analysis


Our own laboratory equipped with the most advanced equipment is one of the key elements in quality management.

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Rigorous controls


For us, the quality is an ongoing and daily commitment. Our quality control policy enables us to ensure a high level of food safety.

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Deglet Nour

On branch.

Deglet Nour Dates on Branch

Deglet Nour on branch
It is the variety that reigns in the Tunisian Sahara and the nutritional diet emblem of the Berber people.


Natural Deglet Nour Dates

Natural Deglet Nour
Dates loose from the branches once selected, according to rating, humidity and texture.


Processed Deglet Nour Dates

Processed Deglet Nour
They are selected, washed, hydrated and dried; also impregnated and / or pitted.

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We turn 100 years

100 years of experience, quality and service


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Bernabé Biosca Alimentación

EL MONAGUILLO is leading the Spanish market date since 1925, with industrial presence in Tunisia, with the highest technology of manufacture and storage with which we produce the best variety of date and highest quality in the world: Deglet Nour date.